September 4, 2021

Augustin LUSSON, virtuoso violinist and new prodigy of the baroque scene, offers with the instrumentalists of his ensemble The Beggar's Ensemble the recording of their concert that they should have given on February 2 at the Auditorium Saint-Germain in Poitiers. The program focuses on the British violin school at the beginning of the 18th century, a period and aesthetic still little known, which are thus reborn, the result of "long research" ...


February 9, 2021

Unable to give their concert as part of the Prima la Musica season at the Grand Poitiers conservatory, on February 2, The Beggar's Ensemble decided to capture - obviously without an audience - the scheduled recital. Gin Craze, that's its name, offers a discovery of pieces of baroque music composed by the English in the first half of the 18th century. 


January 22, 2020

It cannot be appreciated enough when a young ensemble presents itself with music which does not belong to the mainstream. Obviously, that is in their own interest. If they play music which can be heard from established performers and ensembles with many years of experience, there is a good chance they may fall short of their high standard. However, it is even more important from a musical point of view. Established ensembles tend to confine themselves to the standard repertoire. 

July 21, 2019

For those who love chamber music and spend their July in Paris, the Young Talents festival allows for great discoveries . The French program of Beggar's Ensemble confirms this.


July 9, 2019

Few free chairs, Monday July 8, in the evening, at the Saint-Jacques church during the concert organized by Son Ar Mein. The Beggar's Ensemble performed the repertoire of composer Augustin Richard Jones, a commoner living in a cosmopolitan and debauched 18th century London.


November 2019

November 2019

Leading his Beggar's Ensemble with the violin, Augustin Lusson offers much more than an exercise in style, even if it is Italian. It is an illusionist's spectacle, a dive into the sulphurous atmosphere of London in the days of Hogarth.


A sort of "little instrumental opera" around the Briton Richard Jones (c 1680-1744): this is what The Beggar's invites us together in these chamber arias for violin and basso continuo, where the caprice and vigor of the rhythmic writing flutters under the passionate fingers of Augustin Lusson.